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ANNEXURE I – Motorcycle



Rules and Regulations

This permit IS NOT transferable.

No actual permit can be issued for motorcycles because of the difficulty of affixing them to the motorcycle. However, the registration number of your motorcycle has been registered and can be checked at any time with the Parking Office.

This permit entitles the holder to park in any special designated Motorcycle parking areas only. This permit IS NOT valid in reserved, car pool parking areas, blue lined areas, disability access parking areas, 15 minute areas, yellow lined areas or loading bays at ALL times.

Staff Motorcycle permits entitle the holder to park on campus at any time.

Student Motorcycle permits entitle the holder to park on campus after hours, ie after 4.30pm and before 8.30am Monday to Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday.

Parking in an area which is NOT valid for motorcycles, or students parking on campus between the hours of 8.30am and 4.30pm will incur an infringement notice.

Please Note:

  • The possession of a permit does not guarantee a parking area will always be available.
  • Those who use the parking facilities offered by The University of Adelaide do so at their own risk.
  • The University of Adelaide reserves the right to adjust the fees for Car Parking at any time.

Changes to any permit information is to be made via the form at the web site at

This Permit is issued by Tenix Solutions Parking Services acting on behalf of and at the direction of the University Council Delegate for Car Parking.