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Car Parking Procedures


5.1 Definition of Loading Zone

Loading zones are for the purpose of loading equipment/goods. The time frame is a maximum of thirty minutes unless an extension is previously arranged with the Parking Office. Loading zones are monitored seven days a week.

5.2 Definition of 15 Minute Parking Bay

15 minute parking bays are strictly 15 minutes only, seven days a week. All 15 minute parking bays are clearly marked in yellow and sign posted.

5.3 Definition of Blue Lined Area

Blue permit holders are able to park in the blue-lined area in the Upper Level of the Underground Carpark.

5.4 Definition of Disability Access Parking Bay

Department of Transport Disability Permit holders are entitled to park in all Disabled parking bays marked out accordingly. Should these parking spaces be unavailable, all other plain white lined parking bays are available.

5.5 Definition of White Lined Area

Holders of Yellow, Union Street, 251 North Terrace, Cleaners, Commercial, Short Term, Temporary, Part Time, Departmental, Alumni, Continuing Education and After Hour permits use plain white lined parking bays during the times their permit enables them to park.

5.6 Definition of Reserved Parking Bays

Enables special permit holders, departmental or University owned vehicles, to park in specially marked parking bays.

5.7 Definition of Yellow Lined Areas

In conjunction with the Road Traffic Act, parking on yellow lines within The University of Adelaide will result in an expiation notice issued.