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Car Parking Procedures


Permits are issued to staff and students of The University of Adelaide to control parking on North Terrace Campus.

This section highlights all parking permits and permit rules.

Although having a permit entitles parking, it does not guarantee a parking space will be available.

Permits are approved by the University and issued by Tenix Solutions.

Applications for permits are made via The University of Adelaide web page at

2.1 Eligibility for Parking Permit at The University of Adelaide, North Terrace Campus

The University of Adelaide Staff on permanent contract for more than three (3) months are eligible to apply for:

  • Yellow / Double Yellow Permit
  • Part-time Permit
  • After Hours Permit
  • 251 North Terrace Permit
  • Union Street Permit
  • Hindley Street Permit
  • Motorcycle Permit
  • Short Term Permit (Medical grounds)

Members of The University of Adelaide Council (AUC) are eligible to apply for:

  • Blue Permit
  • Yellow Permit
  • Permit no cost provided AUC members are not University Staff members

The University of Adelaide Students are eligible to apply for:

  • After Hours Permit
  • Motorcycle Permit (After hours only)
  • Short Term Permit (Medical grounds)

Students enrolled at the University of Adelaide are eligible for an After Hours parking permit at a discounted rate. The permit must be collected and paid for at Tenix Solutions office and at the time of payment you will be required to show your Student ID card for the current year. This means that the expiry date on the student card must be for February of the following year. This is the only form of identification that will be accepted.

Security Officers within Security Services are eligible to apply for Yellow, Double Yellow and Motorcycle Permits at no cost.

Cleaners and contract cleaners within Service Delivery are eligible to apply for “C” type Permits at no cost. Adelaide Union and other contract cleaners are eligible for After Hours Full Year Permits at a cost.

2.2 Parking Website Address

All permit applications and parking information for The University of Adelaide North Terrace Campus are located at

Applicants are to use this address to apply for ALL permits.

2.3 Applying for a Permit

All renewals and new permit applications are located at the Service Delivery Parking website located at

Please note, your permit application will apply for all parking locations, therefore only one (1) parking application is required. The application with the earliest date will be considered for a permit, and any duplicate applications will be deleted from the system.

Please note, priority will be given to staff located at the AHMS Building for the Hindley St Permit category.

If a parking space is not available, new applicants will be placed on the waiting list for a parking permit.

Applicants will be contacted when a parking space becomes available.

2.4 Waiting List

All new applications are placed on the parking permit waiting list.

Applications are reviewed quarterly, unless directed by the Associate Director, Service Delivery.

Spaces are allocated by application date.

Available permit spaces are determined by reports received from 251 North Terrace Car Park, Hindley Street, Union Street (Wilson Parking) Car Park and Tenix Solutions.

All permit applicants must be checked against The University of Adelaide HR listing to confirm employment status and eligibility.

All unauthorised applications are removed from the waiting list.

All valid applicants will be sent an email offering a permit when space becomes available.

2.5 Confidentiality

All information entered on the application form is subject to the confidentiality agreement as per the contract between the Contracted Parking Service and The University of Adelaide which states:

24.1.1 The Service provider shall not disclose Confidential Information to any person without the prior written consent of The University.
24.2.1 The Service Provider will use the Confidential Information only for the purpose of performing Services, or such other purpose as is expressly authorised by The University.

2.6 After Hours Public Parking Times and Fees

After hours parking is available by paying the current tariff displayed on the University ticket machines. Payment options are:

  • Credit Card
  • Coin (Correct amount is required as machines do not issue change)

Tickets must be clearly displayed on the vehicle dashboard and can be purchased from ticket machines at the following locations:

  • Frome Road (Medical School South Carpark)
  • Frome Road - Gate 5 (Engineering Carpark)
  • Victoria Drive - Gate 8 (Mawson Building)
  • Victoria Drive - Gate 9 - Barr Smith Lawns
  • Victoria Drive - Gate 10 (Cloisters Carpark)
  • Victoria Drive - Gate 11 (CSIRO Brailsford Robertson Building)
  • Kintore Avenue - Gate 13 (Madley Carpark)
  • North Terrace - Gate 23 – (Underground Carpark - Lower & Upper Levels)

After hours constitutes:

  • Monday to Friday - After 4.30pm until 8.30am the following day
  • Saturday, Sunday and any SA public holiday – All Day

Note: Public holidays do not include semester vacation or the University Christmas break

2.7 Displaying the Permit on the Vehicle

All permits must be clearly displayed on the vehicles front windscreen.
Permits are valid on the registered vehicle as noted on the permit application only and are not transferable.
Failure to comply will result in an Expiation Notice being issued.

2.8 Replacement Permits

Replacement permits are available upon completion of the application form located on the Service Delivery Parking website located at

Replacement permits are issued free of charge, if the permit is returned to Tenix Solutions Parking Services, or if a Police report number is sighted. There is a replacement fee for lost permits.

Audits of permits in use are carried out on a regular basis. Use of a permit reported lost or stolen will be treated as a police matter.

2.9 Returned Permits

When leaving employment with the University all permits must be surrendered and returned to:

Office: Tenix Solutions Parking Services, 61-63 Carrington Street Adelaide
Mail: Tenix Solutions Parking Services, PO Box 10096, Adelaide SA 5000

Action will be taken if permits are used when the permit holder is no longer employed by the University.

2.10 Hold Permits

Permits can be placed on hold by visiting the Service Delivery Parking website located at and completing the necessary form.

A permit may be placed on hold for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 36 months for reasons of sick, study, maternity or other sanctioned leave.

Payment for a permit while on leave will only cease when the permit is returned to:

Office: Tenix Solutions Parking Services, 61-63 Carrington Street Adelaide
Mail: Tenix Solutions Parking Services, PO Box 10096, Adelaide SA 5000

A permit will not automatically be reactivated. Upon returning to work contact Tenix Solutions Parking Services to request reissuing and reactivation of a permit.

The University cannot guarantee the same permit will be reissued.

2.11 Payment of Permits

Permits can be paid by salary deduction, if the applicant is a permanent staff member. Alternatively, permits can be purchased with cash, cheque or credit card (Visa & MasterCard) by visiting:

Office: Tenix Solutions Parking Services, 61-63 Carrington Street Adelaide
Phone: 1300 106 065

Departmental permits should be paid using a current Departmental Debit Code, which is authorised by the relevant Faculty Finance Officer.

2.12 Refunds

Staff leaving the University must return their permit to Tenix Solutions:

Office: Tenix Solutions Parking Services, 61-63 Carrington Street Adelaide
Mail: Tenix Solutions Parking Services, PO Box 10096, Adelaide SA 5000

Permits will be removed from the database following advice from the Human Resources Department that a permit holder has ceased employment.

Refunds of lump sum payment for an unused portion of the year will only be provided on a monthly calculation and upon return of the permit and only upon request.

2.13 Lost or Stolen Union Street and Hindley Street Access Card

Lost Union Street and Hindley Street access cards must be reported via email to

Once you have provided the information to, Wilson Parking will be in contact with you regarding collection details of your new card. Note that there is a card replacement fee for all lost and damaged cards