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Car Parking Procedures


The University of Adelaide advises that whilst any vehicle is parked on campus pursuant to the University By-Laws, neither the University nor any of its authorised persons are liable for any theft, loss or damage to any vehicle and/or its contents.

1.1 Grace Periods

Parking within North Terrace campus requires a permit at all times apart from:

  • 15 Minute Zones - No permit required. Parking strictly 15 minutes only, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Loading Bays - No permit required. Parking allowed for the unloading and loading of goods and equipment. All vehicles have 30 minutes unless previously arranged with the Tenix Solutions Parking Services on 1300 106 065.

Vehicles detected without a permit will be noted by the Parking Inspector and rechecked 15–20 minutes later. This allows time for visitors to collect a permit and return to their vehicle to display the permit.

1.2 Disability Parking

Disability Permits issued by the Department of Transport are recognised for occasional short-term parking, three (3) hour limit maximum, on North Terrace Campus.

In the event the user is a staff member or student parking regularly on campus, a University permit is required and must be displayed.

Staff and students with Department of Transport Disability Permits parking regularly on campus are encouraged to park in white lined areas where possible and if convenient, to allow for greater use of disability access parking bays.

Disability access parking bays are located throughout the North Terrace Campus and are highlighted in the campus map. In the event all parking bays are occupied, Disability Permit holders can park in any plain white lined parking bay.

1.3 Changing Vehicles

Please contact Tenix Solutions ( to amend your vehicle details.

Parking Permits can be peeled off the windscreen if a vehicle is sold, repaired, changed etc. and placed in the new vehicle.

If a permit is damaged, a new permit will be issued free of charge, upon return of the damaged permit to:

Office: Tenix Solutions Parking Services, 61-63 Carrington Street Adelaide
Mail: Tenix Solutions Parking Services, PO Box 10096, Adelaide SA 5000

1.4 Parking Areas

Maps of North Terrace campus and off campus parking stations can be found on our website

1.5 Parking Facilities

North Terrace Campus
251 North Terrace (Wilson’s)
Union Street (Wilson’s)
Hindley Street (Wilson’s)

1.6 Speed Limit on Campus

In conjunction with University By-Laws the speed limit on campus is 10 kilometres at all times.

1.7 Delivery Vehicles

Delivery vehicles are authorised to park within North Terrace campus in all Loading Bays (30 minutes) or 15 Minute Zones.

Special arrangements can be made by contacting Tenix Solutions Parking Services on 1300 106 065. This is recommended if deliveries will be longer than 30 minutes in a loading zone.

Delivery vehicles blocking access will be requested to move by the Parking Inspector.

Failure to comply with any of the above will result in the issue of an Expiation Notice.

1.8 Holiday Parking

During State designated Public Holidays, the public can park on North Terrace campus by purchasing a ticket from the ticket machines at the current tarrif displayed on the ticket machines. The permit must be clearly displayed in the front windscreen. Ticket machines accept credit card and coins. The correct amount is required as the ticket machines do not provide change.

Staff and Students holding current year permits can park on campus.

The permit does not allow parking in disability access or reserved bays, loading bays longer than 30 minutes or blue lined areas.

The permit does not allow parking in 15 minute spaces, longer than 15 minutes.

The permit must be clearly visible in the front windscreen.

Failure to comply with any of the above will result in the issue of an Expiation Notice.